Yes folks, we are a SPAM-eating family and in a few weeks, our faces will be plastered all over the island on SPAM print ads. FYI, Guam is SPAM country! We eat more of the stuff, per capita, than any other place in the world, and we used to be proud of it–until organic eating vegans decided to rain on our gloriously salty parade. Today, you might find a woman tucking a little blue can into the cart the way she does a douche or Sarah Lee pound cake.

When a friend asked if I’d consider doing the ad, my first thought was to run the other way. Then she dangled a $100 gift certificate for groceries in my face and that did the trick! (Hey, I’ve got five little mouths to feed in this casa)! Actually, I did not sell my family out for GCs. I absolutely love, love, love SPAM in my OMG Fried Rice. You have got to try this recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation. Really, it’s just from my mom, but that makes two generations, right?

Getting the five kids and hubby all dressed in white shirts for the photo shoot was a challenge to be sure; however, I refused to bow down to a few measly food and sweat stains. I knew any savvy photographer would be using Photo Shop. I’d like to say the shoot itself was a breeze, but I wouldn’t be kidding anyone who has ever tried to even take a family portrait with more than two kids. My 11 year old was doing the side-bang-in-her-face look, which I didn’t think would go over well in an ad and my 7 year old’s nose was running like a faucet. Three smiled, two did not. Two smiled and the other three did not. Ugggh! One thousand pictures later–I think we got five or six decent ones. It was exhausting. Fun, but exhausting.

Hubby sailed off to work at our store. I headed to the bookstore to reward the kids for enduring. Lunch at the mall. One wanted KFC, one pizza, one Taco Bell, one wanted Korean food. Did I say exhausted? Hey, but I’ve got my sweet $100 GC and Mama’s gonna go buy some SPAM tomorrow baby!

I was going to post the recipe for OMG Fried Rice, but you heard what my day was like. Tomorrow.

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