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You’ll Never Complain about Produce Again

Ironically, I am writing this blog after my “All hail to SPAM”, but a trip to the market today inspired me to share a dirty little secret about living on a relatively isolated island. Our diets stink ! We have some of the highest incidents of diabetes and heart disease you will find anywhere.

As a mother, I am conscientious about what I put on the table and I am well aware of the importance of fresh fruits and veggies, but look at this! Fruits and vegetables are often bruised, over-ripe, or priced through the roof! Yes, most produce is transported to the island and I understand the costs involved, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have to pay top dollar for bruised oranges, mushy grapes, and molding strawberries.

So if you live in the mainland where grapes can be .85 cents/lb, I say, “Count your blessings.” Me, I’m making $35 fruit smoothies tonight!


1 thought on “You’ll Never Complain about Produce Again”

  1. Here’s my weekly grocery ad. Add some discounts if I feel like clipping coupons for my grocery trip. Also, a word of wisdom from my boss (retired Air Force) was to shop religiously at the commissary! He says he can see an ad like the one linked, and run to buy spaghetti sauce on sale at 4 for $5 then see the same sauce at regular price the following day for $ .99 a jar. I have taken his advice and am now doing my bi-weekly shopping there. I’ve realized that yes, the prices may even be the same for diapers and wipes at Walmart, but on base we don’t pay the 8.25% sales tax. It takes time and planning to save money- which sometimes is compromised by a busy schedule… or laziness =) So when all else fails, shop on base!

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