Motherhood the Movie

Rockin’ Hubby recommended the movie Motherhood. He’d seen it on a plane trip and thought it would be right up my alley. After all, like the main character played by Uma Thurman, I am a freelance writer–on occasion, I blog (as you can plainly see), and I am a stay-at-home mama. I like to think that I’m not as frazzled and chaotic, but I’m pretty sure I have my ultra-disheveled moments. Such as the one I had just the other day:

Case in point: this Thursday, the kids and I sat around writing names on store-bought Valentine cards and taping Dum Dums to them. I marveled at how much my standards had changed over the years. I was that DIY mama that would stay up all night and cut out little hearts and package homemade cookies with elaborate frosting. After child #3 or #4, my expectations had to change. So we taped 135 Dum Dums to store-bought Valentine cards with bible verses about “love” on them and that was that!

…Then I put the kiddies to bed and proceeded to make four trays of Ghirardelli brownies for one class party and as a special treat for all the kid’s teachers. (Ha! Hadn’t lowered my standards enough. I will still find something to make myself crazy)! After getting all the kids off to school the next morning with treats in hand and all in red or pink shirts, I headed back home to make two trays of spaghetti. One for my son’s K3 class, which I signed up for, and another for my daughter’s K5 class, which I did not sign up for. Why would I do that you ask? I couldn’t even remember what I signed up for and was too embarassed to ask! There it is.

So I rushed back to school just in time for the plating of lunch. I dropped the platter off to the K5 class where the teachers looked a bit stunned. Turns out, I didn’t sign up for anything. No one did. There was no party in K5! Back to K3 class where I was ready to relax and enjoy Mama Time with my son–until I noticed odd seams in the side of my blouse. Oh yes, I was indeed wearing my shirt inside out!

If you get a chance to watch Motherhood and get to the part where Uma is pushing her bike with a flat tire and carrying bags of groceries, party favors, and a birthday cake…that is ME! That is all of us Mamas sometimes, isn’t it?

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