Bit Off All My Nails at Awards Days–Why?

Okay, I am actually not a nail biter, but if I were, they’d be down to the nubs. This week, I nervously sat through five awards ceremonies at school. I watched my K-3 Prince Charming receive the “Personality” award, my K-5 Dumpling got the “Sunshine” award, my 2nd and 4th graders got “A Honor Roll” and “Bible Memory” and my 6th grader got “A/B Honor Roll” and “Bible Memory”.

Yes, these are all good achievements. Here goes psycho-analysis of self. I wasn’t happy enough with good. I wanted best! Yes, Hailey did get a Gold Presidential Award and Ellery did receive the ultra-rare Perfect Attendance Award, but for me, the nauseatingly overachieving Mommy Dearest, that just felt like drinking a cup of tap water. Oh how I yearned for a rejuvinating Fizzy Lifting drink! I wanted them to walk up to the Principal and say “Thank you so much?” as they walked away with THE Outstanding Student Award.

And not one of them did.

A day later, I am looking back upon my feelings and, dang, I suck! I committed the cardinal sin of motherhood. I forgot that my kids are not me. I will now Google “Overachieving Mothers Anonymous” and sign myself up! I am proud of my kids achievements and love each of them regardless of their academic abilities–and that is how it should be. Of course, after signing up for OMA, I think I’ll look into Sylvan to sharpen those math skills. Ahhh, I’m hopeless!

One thought on “Bit Off All My Nails at Awards Days–Why?

  1. Stephanie Jimenez says:

    I am sitting here, inspired and laughing at the same time!! :) please sign me up for OMA! So hard, wanting them to achieve the best, but trying to let them find their indiviuality at the same time.

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