The Act of Motherhood

My Mommy’s Blog is Better Than Your Mommy’s Blog

Is Every Mommy Blogging?

I listened to a podcast today called “The Parent Experiment” which had me thinking about the whole Mom-blogger category. The guest on the show was Cynthia “Sugar Mama” Jenkins of early mom-blog fame. She threw in the towel–or the laptop, when she decided that her blog was just getting too “self-serving”. My take on it is this: Motherhood is an “other-serving” job. So sometimes being a little self-serving is a well-deserved!

Motherhood used to be about raising kids in a community. Grandmas, aunts, even other neighborhood moms would gather and share the experience. Today, many moms are much more isolated. The old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” has new meaning because the village is now more virtual. My sisters and  I share the ups and downs of the daily drama, but via facebook–like fifteen million other moms. (I don’t have time to do the homework, so I don’t know the actual number. Whatever!)

Blogging about motherhood is just another outlet. And yes, it IS necessary! Otherwise we’d all burst, then who’d take care of the kids? So for those of you mommies who can pump out a witty and insightful blog once a week, or even twice a month, good for you and all the other mommies who are looking to connect with women who are walking a mile in their shoes. Now, if your blogs are simply complaints, then by all means, throw out the laptop. If you are a walking, talking, typing half-empty glass, few people are going to want to read more than two sentences.

 A good mommy-blog should be like a well-done funnel cake. Yes, it has many twists and turns. Yes, it gets pretty messy. But we wouldn’t line up for it if it didn’t have a nice thick layer of sweet on top! Blog on!


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