5 Reasons to Raise Your Kids on an Island

My husband and I have wavered back and fourth about packing up and transplanting our brood to the “mainland”. The frequent posts on facebook talking about “We went to the Grand Canyon and enjoyed white water rafting,” or “Just watched Jack Johnson in concert,” are enough to drive a rock-dweller wacko! Especially when you are trying to share the wonders of the world with five kiddos and the highlight of the week is, “Did you notice that Agana Bay is REALLY lowtide?”

Of course, we just have to look at what we do have here and we firmly sink our feet into the sand and reflect on our own green pastures–albeit with sticker burrs.

5. There is still a good sense of security because, face it, the island is 212 sq. miles. There is no where to run and hide!

4. With limited choices of anything really, it’s kind of like Einstein’s, or Olive Oil’s attire, repetitive, predictable and comforting in a way.

3. Almost everywhere you turn there is a big, blue ocean to perk up even the most exhausted of parents.

2. When you actually DO take a vacation, experiences are HUGE! Going to Target rivals Disneyland as far as excitement value if you’re a mom and Best Buy does the same for dads!

1. Families learn to appreciate the small things in life like running water and air conditioning, thanks to the occasional supertyphoon.

Yes, there are “greener pastures” all around, but on this spec of land in the middle of thousands of miles of ocean, is a pretty cool place to grow those little kiddie crops!

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