Perspectives & Paths

I read something my younger sister posted on Facebook the other
day asking God if he was testing her and being adamant that she would fail and “throw in the towel”. Then a cousin, who is a Christian, replied with
words of encouragement (one of the things that Christians do that I love so
much) and explained that it is really Satan who’s throwing the curve balls and
that God does not want to hurt her with tests.

I wanted to reply too, but I realized something was missing and
that any explanation would not be acceptable to her at that exact moment. She
was standing at the edge of the Great Divide and might not hear the truth about how God really fits in her situation.

I too have stood at the edge of this “place” where the world keeps
us so busy—we all have. Where God is just an arbitrary someone to thank for the
good stuff and plead to about the bad stuff. It’s a place where Today is of
utmost importance and Tomorrow can be foretold by ones karma, horoscopes, and a
slip of paper in a fortune cookie.  It is
a dismal place.

For a single mother with three young kids, that place can be a
thorny, unkind place. Yes, an occasional ray of hope shines through, but the
struggles can make even the strongest of women consider towel throwing. Who can
help this young mother through the hardships? Who can help a teenager who has
been in trouble with the law? Who can help a person who has been in one bad
relationship after another?

He who gives us Perspectives and Paths is the one who can help.

The one and only God of this universe so loves us that he created
us with the ultimate gift of free will! He does not make us obey Him. He does
not physically turn a woman’s head away from the wrong kind of man. He does not
make the teenager finish school. But He does allow us to choose how we look at
things. Will we be bitter and angry? Will we cry in despair? Will we give up
and turn toward the darkness? Or will we stand up nice and tall and focus on
the Light that He provides? Will we choose His Perspective?

God will not move my left foot, then my right, then my left so
that I stay on his straight and narrow path. But He lights my way to and
through that path. I could just imagine, if we could physically see all the
paths of every individual human on this earth, I’m sure that each poor choice
that was ever made had another path available that wasn’t chosen. The path that
leads back to Him!

Gifts. Perspective—the ability to take a difficult situation and
make it good and right (Soul Surfer)! Paths—the infinite options that God, in
his perfect sense of design, places at every junction in our lives, that we
always have the opportunity to find Him.

So, my dear little sister, don’t throw in that towel. Let God’s
light shine upon a new Perspective and a new Path for you. They are there. I
have FAITH in that. How do YOU find that Faith? As you can see in this great
illustration, Jesus fills the chasm of the Great Divide. You don’t need to
stand on the edge any more. And where do you find Jesus?

Start with his autobiography—the Bible!


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