Big Families, Christianity, Rockin' Hubby

Married to the Drummer



I used to think that the drummer in the band had the easiest job.
Slam on a tom and snare–crash on a cymbal, kick a base drum. Whooptie do!

Then I married you–a drummer.

I’ve watched you play.
Lost in your art–your passion.
Keeping a steady beat with impeccable timing.
Finding the “sweet spot” on each drum head where the sound is just right.
Driving an energy through a crowded room that can’t be put into words.
Each limb doing something different, yet completely intentional–
while singing in perfect tune.

You take on everyday life as if it were your drums.
Your mind working with a sharpness and clarity–
every decision and choice made with intention.
Business, music, fatherhood and being a husband–all played in great harmony.

You amaze me and I am truly happy to be married to you! God has blessed me from the day we met and has never skipped a beat.

I love you more each day. Happy 17th Anniversary Greg Sablan!


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