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Modest is Hottest on Guam!

Maybe it’s the feeling of impending doom with four daughters of my own who, in five years, will be 19, 17, 15, and 13. It might be the baggage I carry from my own teen years. It could be that today’s cultural icons for teens quite frankly scare me! It’s likely a combination of all these things that makes me whole-heartedly welcome the message that Christian musical artist Jaime Jamgochian is bringing for girls on Guam.

Her ministry is called “Modest is Hottest” and her message is that today’s young ladies can still be cute and fashionable while not giving in to cultural norms. Girls can say, “I’m confident with who I am and how I look because God made me just the way He planned.”

Jaime’s hope is to promote a positive self-image in girls. We all know that there is a lot of room for positive growth for girls on our little island and all over the world really.

Jaime’s message and her music should be an inspiration to moms, daughters and single young women across our beautiful island. We don’t need to conform. We can look great while being modest–because MODEST IS HOTTEST! 


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