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Five Things That Grow My Faith

Coconut Tree & CS Lewis on Beauty
1. God’s Word-I am an English major, but I have never read a book that has the power to change a person’s heart so dramatically.
2. Jesus’ Example-A sinless man paid for my sin with the ultimate sacrifice. I am more grateful every day.
3. Fellow Christians-Of course there are many who profess Christianity yet live lives that do not show good fruit (false converts), but a true follower of Christ does things for other people with great sacrifice and humbleness. So rare in our all-about-me world.
4. My Children-I have seen little miracles in their lives. Unusual maturity and wisdom, love for Jesus, care and concern for others they may not even know. With so many kids addicted to rectangular screens, it’s refreshing to see authentic interaction between Christian kids, from tots to teens.
5. My Own Life-I never imagined being a person of faith. Today, I am. Yet another miracle! More of Him; less of me.

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