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A Picture of Us

There is an elderly woman who walks the streets of Hagatña—homeless. She stands outside of McDonald’s or Winchell’s, Payless or Yogurtland. Pacing. Sometimes she’s quiet. Sometimes she’s yelling frightful profanities at an invisible person or at the world in general.

 You know her. Many of you have stopped and given her a dollar or two. Some of you have given her food. As you hand over something that you hope will satiate her for a while, a sandwich, a bottle of water, some money—she spats out anger. “Is that it?” she demands (and I’m putting it mildly). I’m not being judgmental of her. She may have some psychological issues that have led her to the streets in the first place. I don’t know.

 But as I watched her cross a busy street this morning, carrying what is likely, all of her worldly possessions in a bag slung across her shoulder, I looked at her face. She is filled with bitterness, hopelessness, anger—and realized something. The old homeless lady is us! God faithfully gives us what we need—sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but always enough. Yet we spat upon his hand and say “Is that it?” or we look him in the face and say “I don’t need you”. We are often the bitter-faced homeless person grasping at more with perpetual dissatisfaction.

A person who has been rebuked for “only” handing over two dollars instead of five will likely walk back to his car saying, “Fine! Never again!” I know that’s how I felt. But our Lord doesn’t give up so easily. He patiently waits, likely saddened, but always forgiving when we say, “Please forgive me”.

Please pray for the woman on the street and all those who do not know Him.

2 Timothy 2:13
2 Timothy 2:13

2 thoughts on “A Picture of Us”

  1. Reblogged this on † SicSociety † and commented:
    Wow, I never really thought before of what this mom writes about in her blog. I see homeless people every day on my commute to and from work (I have to take public transportation now)… some are bitter with life’s harshness while others are kind and have wisdom from the world in their eyes and conversations. I never really thought of myself as being like them in how I treat God and His blessings to me. How many times have I basically thrown God’s blessings back in His face and said, “That’s it?!”
    Let’s be grateful for the big and the small blessings from Christ. Like she said, “God faithfully gives us what we need- sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but always enough.”
    Haha, what I just wrote reminds me of a quote I’ve seen somewhere and it says something about what if we woke up and all we had were the things we thanked God for the day before. I’m so bad at remembering to thank God for all my blessings, I think I’d end up with nothing!
    Anyway, just wanted to share this food for thought.
    I hope you have a blessed day! <3

  2. Hi Salena! Thanks for reblogging my post. Praise God for all of the pictures of Him that He leaves all around us!

    Si Yu’os Ma’ase (God Bless you),

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