The Best 2014 Ever…Plan for It!

It just seems like so many people I know struggled through the last year and have set their feet down and said, “2014 is going to be better!” I have said the same thing. As I mentioned in another post, I have been preparing to go full speed ahead for a little while now by surrounding myself with some great thinkers and doers. Check them out!

If you are on the same path, here is one of the tools I created to help my family of seven and I to “get ‘er done!” *Disclaimer, I am no graphic artist or organizing guru…just a mom with five busy kids, a couple of small businesses, and a heart to serve. Use these as you please and I pray you have a wonderful 2014!

NOTE: The area called “Get ‘Er Done” fits the small square Post-Its. I use this as a “Daily Three” things to accomplish. Then I replace the notes with new ones for the following day. Easy and neat!


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