I Said ‘Goodbye” to Bread AND Extra Weight

If you are a woman living on Guam, you probably have the same
3PM craving. Mr. Brown and something carb-loaded or an ice white mocha and a cupcake from the very awesome coffee shop on Marine Corp Dr. I was guilty of giving in to my every craving for something sweet, baked or bready. In short, I’m a typical woman on Guam.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I decided to commit to the rather strict Medifast diet. I had done a good deal of research before I made the decision. I was thoroughly impressed by results I had seen from family members. So on February 20, 2014, I changed everything about the way I eat to lose the “baby fat” from all five of my darlings.

The first three days I had a pretty bad headache, which I read is typical. I’m not sure if it’s carb withdrawal or that I was eating about half the normal calories I’m used to. I had to adjust to the taste of the food which was surprisingly easy. It definitely isn’t Guam-style food, but it really isn’t bad. I especially like having the “Fat Burning Cappucino” in the morning!

So I made it to the end of Week 1 with a 6lb weight loss! Yes! I am now five days into Week 2 and I can feel the waist bands on my jeans starting to fit better (as opposed to cutting into my waist:-) It’s a great feeling!

Now, I won’t say that I haven’t had any temptations at all. One trip to Submarina to buy sandwiches for co-workers was hard–no, AGONIZING! Toasted Squaw bread! Ugh!!! Also, we had dinner at Lone Star and those tasty little rounds of bread were a test of will power. I prevailed! I like prevailing! I have enjoyed being creative with ‘Lean & Green’ meals and have been learning many ways to prepared clean food that will be extremely helpful when the diet is done.

So, many people have asked this question, “What happens when you’re done with the diet?” Medifast provides a weaning process and a maintenance plan so I feel pretty comfortable with that part of the diet. Also, I’ve seen several people keep the weight off which is a great testimony. I often remind my kids that focusing on what-ifs, fear, and looking to your left and right can really bog them. I don’t waste time with other people’s nay-saying. I look to the goal and forge ahead! See you at the end of Week 2.

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