One Month on the Plan

Today marks the end of Month 1 on the Medifast diet plan. Here is a recap of my 30 day adventure.

Pre-diet: Ugh! How will I survive without my Mr. Brown! (See how I took ownership for that little can?!?)

Day 1: Mmmm…not too bad. Ooh, the cappuccino is pretty good! I enjoy these bars!

Day 10: Whoa my scale is going backward! Cool!

Day 15: Oops! Vacation in the Philippines with lots of great restaurants and MANGO SHAKES!!! Ahhh! (I was pretty good though. Ate clean for the whole trip…except half a mango shake…and half a salted caramel donut from Krispy Kreme:-P)

Day 30: YES!!! Despite my five-day set back while not doing the plan in the Philippines, I have lost 14.3lbs so far! Fitting into some old jeans is great, especially because I hate shopping.

Reflection: I really didn’t have the strength or will power to do this on my own. My life verse and prayer have been key to this and many other accomplishments in my life.

“But seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

This verse first compelled me to seek God daily by reading His Word every day. I committed the first portion of my day to reading and praying. When this became a habit that thoroughly brought me joy over the past year and a half, it wasn’t difficult to move on to a new habit that I could incorporate into my morning after my devotion time.

Planning meals and exercising was the next “thing” on my list. This was a big one because I am not a disciplined eater…at all. It has been a true blessing because I know that when I seek Him FIRST, all other things (according to His will) will be added to me–including good health. Praise The Lord!

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