From My Library

I read a lot. Thanks to Kindle, I read a lot more. I am the kind of reader that interacts with a book. In real books, my thoughts are penciled in margins, words are underlined. In my ebooks, notes are typed, and passages are highlighed. I typically read two to three books at a time which may or may not sound crazy–depending on whether or not you read two or three books at a time too! I will feature the ones I am currently reading or just finished here. All others you can find on my Goodreads page:

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine of blog fame, is delivering a powerful punch in terms of helping moms get our acts together. I am in chapter three and taking lots of useful notes! I even signed up for her 7-Day Challenge on her blog where she emails one challenge a day to help kick start some positive change.

Free to Live: Create a Thriving Unschooling Home by Pam Laricchia is helping me determine the best way to set up the environment for my one unschooled child. I have to admit, the more I read this book, the happier I am about my decision to unschool.  (Oh yeah, you might be wondering what “unschooling” is all about).

Free to Live

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode


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